From the Archives: A Look Back on the Opening of Izakaya

31 July 2011, Sunday Business Times

The Sunday Business Times featured the opening of the Yamamori Izakaya in 2011, located on South George’s Street, across from the previously established Yamamori Noodles (South City) location.

Owner Derek Ryan described the beginning of what we know now as Yamamori Izakaya Sake Bar and the late-night Izakaya Basement: “Upstairs will be a tea house of sorts, with really good desserts and a full range of teas and coffees. It will have that old traditional feel,” he said. “Downstairs will be an Asian cafe bar, where we will serve starters and side orders [AKA ‘Japas’], along with Asian beers, wine and sake. There’ll be a DJ box there too…” Today, Izakaya Basement is a well-known late-night dance/music venue, the food in both spaces well-loved, and the Sake Bar featuring some of the best sake in the world.