Competition: The Ark and Yamamori Partner for a Family Giveaway!



Win Tickets to The Ark’s new play Peat and a €50 Yamamori Voucher

Competition ends Friday March 8 @ 5pm

Competition ends Friday March 8 @ 5pm

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Yamamori is excited to partner with The Ark for a great opportunity for the whole family! During the week of March 3-8, visit The Ark online to enter your family to win tickets to see the new play PEAT, a brand new theatre show for children ages 8+ written by Kate Heffernan and directed by Tim Crouch - AND, get a 50euro gift voucher to Yamamori North City for lunch following the show on either Saturday 9 March or Sunday 10 March.


competition ends friday, 8 march, at 5pm

T&Cs: offer good for up to 5 people; timeslot subject to availability.

About the Ark

The Ark, located in Temple Bar, is a dedicated and established arts and cultural organization for kids. Through engaging workshops, performances, and classes, The Ark is a treasure - especially for creative kids!

“We believe in every child’s right to discover and love art in a society where creativity and culture are valued and enrich our lives.
Our Mission is to spark childhood imagination by making and sharing great art for, by and about children, bringing joy and creating a cultural engagement that lasts a lifetime.”

PEat” (by kate heffernan, dir. time crouch)

“On the edge of a town, in the middle of a bog, half way between a school and a housing estate, Rayy and Jo have come to dig a hole. Peat is the story of the things they bury, and the things they find.

With lightness and humour, this new play for children asks big questions about life, death, time and history. A conversation between two 11-year olds who find themselves standing on top of everything that has ever happened, it is a story of friendship, loss, and finding our place in the world. A show for everyone who has ever wondered where things go when they leave us.”

WATCH: Meet the cast of “Peat”

WATCH: Actors Curtis Lee Ashqar and Kwaku Fortune pictured with Kate Heffernan, Peat playwright