The Illustrated Rainbow Roll (手綱寿司): Pride Week Special


What goes into the Rainbow Roll (手綱寿司) …

What goes into the Rainbow Roll (手綱寿司) …

To celebrate Dublin Pride 2019, we have the Rainbow Roll on special for the full week of June 22-29! The classic Rainbow Roll, also known as tazuna sushi (手綱寿司), is a popular maki roll with diagonal strips of raw fish across the top, creating a colorful pattern. Our Rainbow Roll is a crayfish and cucumber-filled norimaki, topped with avocado, tuna, salmon, and whitefish - then garnished with masago and wasabi mayonnaise. This Chef Special normimaki roll, available in either white or black rice, is available at all of our locations - come in and try it today. Happy Pride 2019!

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The Rainbow Roll is a Japanese-american creation, originating in little tokyo, los angeles, in the late 1960s. evolving out of the california roll, the first of the “inside out” rolls which have nori on the inside of sushi rice, which used local avocados and seafood. Learn more about origins of sushi in the usa here!


The Yamamori Rainbow Roll (available in either black or white rice) includes fresh avocado and cucumber, four types of local fish, topped with masago and wasabi mayo.

Illustrations by Clara Dudley