Yamamori joins StreetSmart Ireland in Raising Funds for the Homeless


support homeless services with #just2euro when you dine at yamamori


Yamamori is proud to partner once again with StreetSmart Ireland this Christmas season to #DineOutHelpOut, helping provide resources and support to Ireland’s homeless women, men, and children.

Here’s how it works: participating Dublin restaurants can voluntarily add just €2 per table onto your bill as a donation to StreetSmart - enough to cover the cost of a meal for someone who is homeless. Your donation of #just2euro directly goes to organizations on the front line, providing resources to those impacted by homelessness. A portion of your donation is also contributed to SCOOP Foundation which supports families impacted by the conflicts in Iraq and Syria.

Donating to StreetSmart will help children
and families, men and women who are homeless
in Ireland today.
— Brian Cuddy - Founder and project coordinator of StreetSmart Ireland

Why now, and why is it important to support homeless services in Ireland?

An Irish Times report on 11 December 2018 outlined a day spent with organisations and volunteers across Dublin dedicated to feeding and supporting homeless citizens - and highlights a worsening problem in the city. “When we started off this morning outreach three years ago, you might see five or so sleeping on Henry Street. Now you are seeing five or six people in one doorway. It seems to be just getting worse and worse,” says O’Sullivan [a volunteer with Dublin Simon]. The article discusses a “system under severe strain,” and hears from some of the City’s most vulnerable residents. Read the full article here.

And according to a June 2018 article by TheJournal.ie, “The number of homeless people living in emergency accommodation in Ireland rose by almost 200 people last month [May 2018]. Emergency accommodation figures for May show that there are now collectively 9,846 homeless people living in homeless shelters or hotels across Ireland.” To learn more, please visit Focus Ireland’s website for the latest information and statistics.

StreetSmart Ireland is directly addressing this issue through Dublin’s booming dining culture: in the last three years, the community of participating restaurants has successfully raised over €90,000, and Yamamori alone raised over €10,000. So with #just2euro you can help us increase this.

Follow StreetSmart Ireland on Instagram and Facebook for the most up-to-date info. To read more testimonials from participating restaurants in Dublin, check them out here.

Tackling homelessness is not just about providing shelter from the elements, it is about providing advice, advocacy and education, but above all, care within a community that can be called ‘home’.
— Courtesy of StreetSmart Ireland