From the Archives: “Georges st super noodles” (oct. 2002)


We love a good nostalgic look back at our visitors who came, loved, and wrote about Yamamori. Here, in a now-defunct City newspaper, we get to peek inside turn-of-the-millenia Yamamori South (then named Yamamori Noodles).

“If you thought Japanese food was all about raw fish, think again. There is definitely something here for everyone, a wide variety of flavours and textures, from crispy tempura and savoury soy to sweet sizzling teriyaki… Yamamori has lots of friendly staff and a lively atmosphere, and is also great for a nice healthy lunch…”

Sure, we may have had 2002 prices and 2002 opening times - but there’s a lot here that remains the same, 17 years later.

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