Summer in the City: Favourites from our Menu


We’ve chosen a few items from across our dining menus to bring you a varied, summer-ready selection of dishes. Try our new aburi-style Japas at North City, indulge in Asian grilled meat, or try our lighter vegetarian/vegan options. Read on!


1. ABURI-style oysters

Fresh Galway Bay Oysters with Miso Butter and trout Caviar. Served aburi-style: part grilled, part raw.

What’s summer without oysters? This is an Irish classic with a rich Japanese twist. Served beautifully over seaweed and banana leaf.

Available at North City.

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Thinly sliced beef with mixed vegetables on zakkoku rice in a traditional clay pot with a fried egg; served with hot pepper sauce and miso soup.

This Korean-inspired rice dish is a savoury favourite for grilled meat lovers; a balance between warm and cool, sweet and spicy, and protein and greens, it’s the perfect filling summer dish.

Available at South City.

3. rainbow roll

Crayfish and cucumber-filled norimaki, topped with avocado, tuna, salmon, and whitefish - then garnished with masago and wasabi mayonnaise. Served with either black or white rice.

A staple Chef Special norimaki roll, the Rainbow Roll is an evolution of the California Roll which developed in 1960s California and utilized locally available seafood, avocados, and other produce. A dynamic and perfectly summery sushi roll.

Available at South City, North City, and Izakaya Sake Bar.

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Tofu marinated in sweet miso and grilled for a creamy, slightly sweet flavour.

A new menu item at Yamamori North City, this vegetarian Japa (small plate) is a delicate mix of warm and cool, with a sweet homemade miso flavour garnished with tangy lime.

Available at North City.

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Traditional hand-parceled dumplings stuffed with various seasoned fillings: Pork, Venison, Ebi prawn, Kabocha (v), or Spinach and Shiitake (v).

A classic starter or small dishes, great for any season. Our 3 locations offer varying versions of Gyoza - the newest: Venison Gyoza at North City, served with homemade rayu sauce.

Available at South City, North City, and Izakaya Sake Bar.

6. sashimi & nigiri

Sashimi is delicately sliced raw fish, a thoroughly Japanese tradition. Nigiri is sliced fish or veg over a bed of rice.

With only the freshest fish selection possible, we recommend any of our various selections of sashimi and nigiri for a light and cooling dish (also available in vegetarian/vegan). Some of the fish offered includes, hamachi, salmon, tuna, masu, mackerel, unagi (eel), crab, amongst others. All fish comes fresh off the coast of Ireland.

Available at South City, North City, and Izakaya Sake Bar.

7. house lemonade

Flavours: Raspberry, Passionfruit, Lychee, Ginger, Mango, and Classic

Yamamori house lemonades are the most refreshing cooler to accent a summertime lunch or dinner. And the best part: our lemonades can be “upgraded” with a shot of gin, vodka, whiskey, or a special request. What’s not to love? Available at all locations.